• WHY Otinus
    Manufacturer of sheet metal working machines

    We are engaged in manufacturing and selling sheet metal working machines. As a rapidly developing company based on family traditions, we have been building a solid foundation for our company since 2010. We strive to ensure our brand is associated with professionalism and a sense of security.

  • Trade fairs
    • BLECHEXPO, Stuttgart
      – Germany, 2021

    • STOM-TOOL, Kielce
      - Poland, 2022

    • EUROBLECH, Hannover
      – Germany, 2022

    • FABTECH, Chicago
      IL- USA, 2023

  • Laser cutting machines

    Our laser fiber cutting machines signify high repeatability and precision of cutting – our goal is to satisfy your expectations with the highest standards.

  • Plasma cutting machines

    Otinus plasma cutting machines are an excellent price-value solution based on industry leading Hypertherm plasma sources. High experience in the field allows us to smoothly maintain manufacturing, training and technology research on plasma cutting. Our cutters are available with oxy/fuel torches. Check out how they work!

  • Press brakes

    Otinus press brakes are machines that can bend sheet metal pieces at user-defined dimensions thanks to applying relevant upper and lower dies. Moreover, we offer OT-41 and DELEM controllers – versatile tools that allow for accomplishing many tasks associated with bending processes. Check for the details!

  • Guillotine shears

    Otinus guillotine shearing machines are dedicated to cutting sheet metal pieces. The devices consist of two blades inclined at slight angle adjacent to each other. This solution allows for the gradual shearing of sheet metal pieces, reducing the force needed to cut. Guillotines shears are designed to cut sheet metal pieces to user-specified dimensions. Check out its using simplicity!

  • Bloomingdale, IL - USA

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    Otinus Corp.
    260 Madsen Drive #100
    Bloomingdale, IL 60108

  • Bydgoszcz – Poland

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    Otinus Polska Sp. z o.o.
    ul. Karola Szajnochy 11
    85-738 Bydgoszcz
    NIP: PL 953 279 22 71
    KRS: 0000998446