Have you ever wondered why outsource cutting and bending is so uneconomic? By ordering cutting or bending from an external company, you will never fully recover. Money goes to someone else’s pocket instead of staying in yours. By increasing the production, you constantly increase costs.

It should be the other way round! You have the right to benefit from your services offered to the highest possible extent. Shearing your income is entirely uneconomic for your company long term.

What is the lead time of outsourced cutting and bending services?

Cutting with a laser cutting machine lasts a few minutes, whereas outsourcing usually involves waiting up to 2-3 days. Furthermore, you always have to manage some extra time for receiving cut or bent parts. By cutting on your own, not only are you become independent of other companies, but you can also cut whatever you want at the time that suits you best.

Is outsourcing time- and cost-effective?

The larger parts you order, the larger the vehicle they need to be delivered at your site. The further a company you order cutting or bending from is, the more fuel and time you waste for the delivery. These are resources you will never fully recover.

Moreover, it is an additional difficulty that complicates your manufacturing and sales processes, among which you have to put the shipping process. Think how a great deal of time (and nerves) you could save by resigning from this additional responsibility. You are losing income that you could have benefited from having the machine on your own.

Having a plasma cutter or bending machine on your own will considerably increase your potential range of services. You can provide cutting and/or bending services for your Clients, simultaneously gaining extra money for your company’s budget. Think how much you have lost by not having your own plasma plotter or bending machine.

Are you fed up with outsourced cutting of sheet metal too?

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Purchasing a plasma cutter or a press brake is a single investment; however, the time and money you can recover are unlimited!

We also support in financing of machine purchasing.