Why buy Hypertherm products from an authorised dealer? In this article, we will discuss the advantages of using a verified plasma technology source, such as an authorised brand dealer.

Full range of possibilities

Every company and every production profile has its unique needs. Being able to choose the right solution is key to achieving optimum productivity and maximum profits. However, unauthorised retailers often only offer a limited range of a particular brand and are reluctant to fulfil special orders.

In turn, as an authorised Hypertherm dealer, we can import for you almost any plasma product available in the offer of this very brand.

Authorised dealer = fast service

The quality of equipment has a direct impact on its reliability. Unfortunately, breakdowns occur even with prestigious brands. Unexpected stoppages generate losses, so fast service is crucial. At unauthorised dealers, equipment sent back for complaint often goes through a long chain of representatives, suppliers and service technicians, which unnecessarily extends the waiting time. Moreover, servicing specialised equipment should only be done by professionals who are familiar with the equipment. This solution prevents the equipment from breaking down again shortly after it has been repaired.

When Hypertherm equipment purchased from us requires repair, it goes directly from the manufacturer where it is entrusted into experts’ hands. (It goes to our service technicians – trained by Hypertherm employees.

Reliable source of consumables

Unauthorised dealers do not always offer a full range of consumables for the equipment they sell. They may also provide non-original replacements that might reduce the performance of the equipment.

We source parts directly from the manufacturer. Hence, our customers can be sure that the parts they order are original, suitable for their equipment and of the highest quality.

An authorised dealer is also a source of knowledge

An authorised dealer must have extensive and comprehensive knowledge of the equipment he sells. It is also relates for us. In addition to access to equipment, parts and service, we also offer the added value of expert advice. Therefore, we will help you choose the best solution – suited to your needs.

We understand the capabilities of the Hypertherm devices we offer. Hence, we equip our CNC tables with them and offer as handheld cutting machines – for cutting and gouging. The quality of the plasma system translates directly into the quality of the cut and indirectly into profit.

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