Hypertherm Powermax SYNC is a representative of another generation of Powermax 65/85/105® plasma systems. The Powermax SYNC™ system features a built-in logic system and revolutionary consumables in the form of single-piece cartridges.

New series source with a torch

Greatly simplified consumables combined with revolutionary features

A great deal simplified consumables combined with advanced torch data exchange and auto setup features make Hypertherm’s new Powermax65/85/105 SYNC™ plasma systems the smart choice for any cutting or gouging process.

What makes Hypertherm Powermax SYNC special:

Convenient operation

  • Hypertherm has added colours to the consumables by process for undoubtedly easy identification. The one-piece cartridge formula has eliminated the confusion associated with using the wrong parts. In short, Hypertherm has simplified the management of consumable inventories.
  • New SmartSYNC™ torches automatically set the right current and working mode as they reduce the possibility of making a mistake when setting.
  • The cartridge end-of-life detection feature detects the wear of consumables and therefore, the operator knows exactly when to replace the cartridge.

Lower operation costs and maximized efficiency

  • Simplified operation reduces downtime and training that undoubtedly simplifies troubleshooting and minimizes waste.
  • Advanced cartridge consumable design prolongs the consumable life up to twice. An important aspect is that the cut quality is improved compared to standard consumables in mechanized cutting solutions.
  • Access to cartridge data allows you to monitor performance and analyze usage patterns.
  • The facilitation of using the torch controls allows the operator to adjust the current during operation and change processes without using the power supply panel.

Industry-leading reliability

  • The main purpose of SmartSYNC™ torches is undoubtedly to improve operation in harsh industrial environments.
  • SpringStart™ technology ensures consistent start conditions and improves the life of the torch.
hypertherm plasma torches parameters  for sheet metal cutting
Technical parameters of the new series of sources

Benefits of Hypertherm Powermax SYNC cartridges

Convenient operation

  • Reduced time required for operator training and troubleshooting with fewer consumable parts to service and replace.
  • The cartridges are coloured coded according to the application and clearly marked by laser. This makes it easy to identify the process and current.
  • Modifying Powermax45® XP/65/85/105 systems for compatibility with the Hypertherm cartridge platform is easy with the Duramax® torch adapter.
plasma torches of hypertherm for sheet metal cutting
Torch types and function description

Productivity increase

  • The optimized cartridge design maximizes productivity and efficiency as it extends the service life when cutting manually, and guarantees optimum cut quality in mechanised cutting;
  • When combined with SmartSYNC™ torches and the Powermax SYNC™ system, the cartridges provide you with even more useful consumption data. This data can be used to improve cutting operations and identify operator training opportunities;
  • FlushCut™ and FineCut® specialty gouging inserts extend the capabilities of Powermax systems.

Hypertherm Powermax SYNC torch compatibility

  • Full compatibility with all SmartSYNC torches ensures an automatic process of setup and data transfer to the system
    • Powermax SYNC smartphone app for analysis. provides you a possibility to check data such as performance, number of starts and transfers, and arc time.
  • Limited compatibility with Duramax and Duramax® Lock torches  (featured on Powermax45 XP/65/85/105 systems).
    • Requires separate cartridge reader (part number 428951).
    • Does not provide automatic process setup or data transfer.
plasma torches of hypertherm for sheet metal cutting

Otinus – distributor of new Hypertherm ™ solutions

Our unit selection calculator will help you choose the right plasma source. If you have any questions about the new Hypertherm Powermax SYNC™ system, feel free to contact us. We will answer all your questions and help you choose the right equipment to meet your requirements.