Remote Installation and Training for Otinus Clients

Remote Installation and Training for Otinus Clients

For the Otinus brand, nothing is impossible. Distance, borders, language barriers and restrictions caused by a global pandemic are not a problem – they are challenges that we must overcome. So far, we have introduced several solutions so that we can always help our customers. These include remote installation and user training.

When do we use remote installations and training?

Regardless of whether we face:

  • strengthening the bans aimed at preventing a pandemic,
  • distance from our headquarters,
  • or lead time,

remote installations are always a good option. They can be carried out at the customer’s request, at any time, even when it is not possible to conduct them on the client’s site.

How are remote installations and training organised?

The remote installation process is carried out using smartphones connected to the Internet. Usually, we perform it using the Microsoft Teams application. Nonetheless, we can do it with any other application chosen by the client – provided that he or she gives us a chance to test it beforehand. Users taking part in the training remain in constant contact with the trainer and their translator* (*if the whole installation process is not conducted in Polish). The whole process is fully interactive, with every question answered during the training. Additionally, an Otinus employee records the entire training; thus, users can always return to this material; the online training is as convenient and clear as using the traditional method.

How are remote installations and training carried out?


We first explain how to prepare for the first start-up of the machine. We demonstrate the whole procedure on a similar or identical machine which we currently have in our showroom. The machines we send to our customers are tested and prepared by our technicians beforehand; hence the process always runs quickly and smoothly.


The online process has no difference in on-site training. We work through each stage with the customer based on real tasks they may face in their daily work. The course is individual, and we always emphasize the production needs of a given company.

Duration of a remote installation and training

The entire training and installation process depends on the type of machine and can take up to two eight-hour meetings – such is the case with press brakes, for example. In practice, customers often need much less time to acquire the necessary knowledge at a high and safe level. It is also natural that in some time after the training, additional questions may arise. This is one of the reasons why every machine includes a telephone consultation package with an Otinus specialist. The remaining consulting time can always be checked in the client panel – on our website Moreover, we have prepared other courses at the Otinus Academy, which can be accessed when purchasing the machine.