Otinus Laser Cutter 240×96″ FLV-6025-CT2-6022 1,5kW 1500W with rotary table 9×20″


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Fiber laser cutting machine FLV-6025-CT2-6022 1,5kW

Wycinarka laserowa


  • Max sheet size: 6050 x 2500 mm
  • Maximum height of a section: 220 mm
  • Minimum height of a section: 0 mm
  • Maximum length of a section: 6000 mm
  • Positioning accuracy of X/Y axes: ±0.05 mm
  • Positioning repeatability of X/Y axes: ±0.03 mm
  • Max idle speed: 120000 mm/min
  • Max travel acceleration: 1.5 G
  • Max load capacity: 3840 kg
  • Nominal power output: 1.5 kW
  • Power consumption: 40.0 kW
  • Source brand: MAX Photonic and Raycus as available options for selection
  • Power supply: ~3×400 V 50 Hz
  • Ingress protection rating: IP54
  • Length: 14580 mm
  • Width: 4300
  • Height: 2350 mm
  • Total mass: 16800.0 kg

Wycinarka laserowa

Max cutting thickness

  • Mild steel: Recomemended 25.0 mm, Maximum: 30.0 mm
  • Stainless steel: Minimum 16.0 mm, Maximum: 20.0 mm
  • Aluminum: Minimum 12.0 mm, Maximum 14.0 mm
  • Brass: Minimum 10.0 mm, Maximum: 12.0 mm


Source power Recommended cutting thickness[mm]
Carbon steel Stainless steel Aluminium Brass
1000 W 8 4 3 2
1500 W 12 5 3 2
2000 W 16 6 4 4
3000 W 20 8 6 5
4000 W 22 10 8 6
6000 W 25 16 12 10
12000 W 35 25 18 18


  • Type of structure: welded
  • Servomotors: YASKAWA with a French-made transmission
  • Gears and racks: bevel
  • Electronic components: Schneider
  • Pneumatic components: AirTAC
  • Linear slides: HIWIN
  • Racks: YYC
  • >Cooling: S&A water chiller
  • Gantry: Aviation aluminum alloy

Turntable for cutting sections

The machine is equipped with a turntable that features pneumatic and self-centering chucks at the front and rear of the device. The turntable was designed to position sections relative to the laser head. This solution ensures easy cutting of sections including cutting through walls.

  • Maximum length of a section: 6000 mm
  • Chuck diameter: 220 mm
  • Maximum turntable load capacity: 300 kg
  • ABL system automatically replenishes the lubricant within the guides.

    Comfort of use

    The fiber laser cutter has been adapted as much as possible to the user’s needs in order to ensure the greatest possible comfort during its use. Loading of heavy sheets is facilitated by built-in ball transfer units that make sheets slide when put onto the table. Collecting of small finished parts is also much easier thanks to the carts under the machine, which are pulled out by a convenient handle.

    MAX Photonics

    MAX Photonics was established in 2004. The company’s origins are associated with manufacturing of light sources and optical instruments for scientific institutes. Max Photonics has given top priority to the quality and operational stability of their products. The company soon realised that the future of laser technology is in optical fibres. Their research on development that began in 2007 resulted in the release of their first 500 CW source in 2014, and since that moment, the company has started to develop its technologies related to laser cutting, welding, marking and engraving. Today, their offer includes laser sources as powerful as 40,000W. The company has set the goal of becoming a pioneer in manufacturing of ultra-high-power industrial lasers.

    RayTools cutting head with autofocus

    Optional extra – Otinus Protect – a guarantee of your peace of mind

    This product provides individual protection for your laser source. This service will ensure that the continuity of your business is protected. We will secure your business so that you can keep up with your schedule.

    Otinus Protect Certificate gives you peace of mind, so you can sleep without any worries, as you can always be sure that your orders are completed on time.

    Optional extra – Voltage stabilizer

    The stabilizer ensures that the voltage input value is stable despite fluctuations. Its purpose is to protect the machine from the unwanted effects of imperfect current input.

    Control panel

    Operating a fiber laser cutter is maintained by the control panel featuring a screen, mouse and keyboard. The computer connected to the panel comes with Windows 10 and CypCut software including features such as:

    • design,
    • import and export of files,
    • optimization of power and cutting speed.

    Moreover, the laser head can be controlled using a wireless controller.

    All the software pieces installed have lifetime licenses.

    Wireless controller

    The laser head is controlled by a wireless controller.


    The fiber laser cutting machine= has been equipped with all necessary safety measures to protect the user. An additional safety feature is an emergency light with a sound signal which is activated in the event of a hazardous situation and informs the user of the danger.

    Assistance by a specialist

    We ensure constant communication with our Clients. Therefore, with every machine purchased, we also provide a time-package for Otinus Assistance.

    As a part of the service, our employee can:

    • Prepare or redraw CAD drawings.
    • Advise on the choice of materials and gases.
    • Assist in the selection of operating parameters for different materials.

    The remaining time can be checked in the Otinus Client Panel.

    Otinus Academy

    This is an ever-growing e-learning platform created for Otinus Clients. With the purchase of this machine, you will receive one year’s access to online courses so you can effortlessly train a new employee or refresh your knowledge from training!

    Package of free drawings

    Each Otinus cutting machine comes with a generous CAD drawing package. These designs are ready to use and can be immediately cut out in any format. Our technician will show you how to do this during the training. The drawings are useful for anyone who wants to make various types of decorative elements.


    We offer free loading of purchased machines and assistance with shipping arrangements.

    Technical advisory

    We have specialists who will select the right machine and accessories before the purchase on the basis of technical drawings of the parts you are planning to make.

    See and test the machine

    We invite you to a one of a kind demonstration where a skilled Otinus technician will present the machine’s complete functionality.

    Furthermore, you’ll be able to try out how the device performs based on your requirements. You can supply technical drawings and materials for sample testing.

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    Price includes

    3-day training along with machine installation

    • 2 days (up to 8 hours) – machine commissioning and controller usage training
    • 3rd day (up to 8 hours) – work under the supervision of our technician – the possibility of programming specific parts that are manufactured at your site

    Telephone consultation with a specialist

    • By phone: from 7.30 to 21.00 (Mn-Sat) – a time-package of 8 hours to be used within 12 months
    • Online: from 7.30 to 14.30 (Mn-Sat) – a time-package of 8 hours to be used within 12 months

    Access to Otinus Academy courses

    • LibreCad – 12-month access

    As an extra, you will get

    • Package of CAD drawings

    Terms of cooperation

    • 24 month warranty
    • The machine is brand new
    • Warranty and post-warranty servicing provided by the seller
    • The Client is responsible for the machine during unloading and transporting on-site