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We offer press brakes of various types.
Together, we will choose the design options.

press brake control panel

User-friendly and transparent
control panel

The touch panel controls the bending process and allows selecting the parameters for the working material and saving them for the next time. In addition, depending on the chosen control system, you can access additional options to facilitate the operator's work.

crowning system

Crowning system

The device features the crowning system to maintain the same angle over the entire bending length. As an optional extra, you can select a machine with an automatic crowning system that will calculate and apply optimum compensation values.

press brake clamps

clamping system

Our machines are equipped with clamps with a quick clamping system; therefore it does not take long to change punches. Moreover, the machine can be equipped with a dual-sided clamping mechanism, so that bending of C- and U-shaped parts is even more accurate!

Versatile and functional machine for numerous applications!

Otinus press brakes are versatile machines that will fulfill the needs of your business. Together, we can select the proper manufacturing control system for either uncomplicated or advanced products. Our press brakes feature multi-v lower dies as standard, allowing different sheet thicknesses to bend. In addition, the punch is segmented into sections so that you have no limits!

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Professionalism and after-sales service are what make us unique. Experience the satisfaction of working with the Otinus team!

pękające kajdany

With Otinus, you can fulfill the dream of your own independence!

With us, implementing the machines into your business will be simple. We will train your team, so there is a smooth transition from outsourcing to using your equipment. We have already assisted many Clients that way!

control panel


Our Clients confirm that our team consists of qualified technicians and advisors. Therefore, the Otinus team will advise you on choosing suitable machines.

podajnik do drutu

Peace of mind

You can always rely on us! We assist you in selecting the required tools and implementing the device. In addition, we guarantee satisfaction through technical support, warranty and post-warranty servicing.

welding gun

Quick return

Our machines are characterized by an excellent proce/quality ratio. This way, we assist you in making progress, that translates into a quick return and multiplication of the invested resources. We have the satisfaction of being able to contribute to the development of your business!

Machine quotation free of charge

Thorough analysis of your needs and expectations

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1. Individual interview with your account manager

Our technical and sales representative will contact you for an interview. Together, we will determine the actual needs of your company to select a machine that best suits your expectations.

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2. Factual analysis
of all your needs

Step by step, we will analyze all the information, tailoring the machine to the types and thickness of material you want to cut. Moreover, we will select the machine with the best capability/price ratio.

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3. Verification using machines
in our showroom

To ensure that the machine has been appropriately matched, we will conduct tests on selected materials at our showroom. This way, we will confirm our choice!

We kindly invite you to our showroom

Visit our showroom and personally check out how our sheet metal working machines will perform in your company.

Machine showroom

14b Karola Szajnochy St
Bydgoszcz 85-738, Poland

We cut the costs of your company

By working with us, you don't have to waste time on worries as our machines have an outstanding price/quality ratio. Furthermore, we will take care of your business security and ensure that your employees are adequately trained. We will assist you in making money which translates into a quick return and multiplication of invested resources. Therefore, let us have the satisfaction of contributing to the development of your business!

Satisfaction and return of your investment

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1. Purchasing of selected Otinus machines

Congratulations on a good choice! You have chosen a laser welding machine with a wide range of capabilities, manufactured using quality components and suited to your business profile.

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2. Shipping, installation and operational training

Once the machine has been transported to its destination, our technician will perform an on-site set-up. He or she will then conduct training sessions with your personnel to get the welding machine up and running in your company!

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3. Quick start and return of investment

By selecting the optimum laser cutting machine to suit your company's production profile, we achieve an economical price! This allows for a quick return and a multiplication of invested resources.

We will send you a quote within 24 hours!

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Excellent service and superb Team. High-quality equipment. A company worth recommending. Thanks

Damian Sawicki

Very reliable and timely company. Technical advice at the highest level. Not a simple "seller" of machines. They have many machines in their showroom that you can see working which is a big plus and advantage over the competition.

Dariusz Tymoszuk

1. Independence, competitiveness
2. Time and material saving, cost reduction
3. We are continuously developing our business, as we have added a second business profile
4. I would rate the quality of customer service on a scale of 1–5 as 5.

Marek Zdunek

I would recommend purchasing OTINUS machines because we have gained a notably extended base of customers who expect comprehensive services. The contact with the seller and the technician before and after purchasing was of the highest standard. I recommend you purchase their devices.

Damian Godek

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Our machines already work in 17 countries!

You can already find the Otinus brand in seventeen European countries. There are no borders for us, which is why such a wide range of Clients trust us. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

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