About Otinus

Otinus is a proud brand under Otinus Polska sp. z o.o., specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of sheet metal working machines. Since our inception in 2010, we've embraced our family heritage while rapidly evolving into a leading force in our industry. Our commitment is to uphold a reputation synonymous with professionalism and trust, providing our customers with not just machinery, but a sense of security in their endeavors.


At Otinus, our guiding principle is 'We serve you'. We prioritize meeting and exceeding your expectations at every stage of our partnership. Beyond delivering high-quality machinery, we aim for our clients to understand that our relationship extends far beyond a single transaction. It's just the beginning of a journey together.

Key benefits partnering with us:

  • Expert support in implementing production plans and resolving challenges.
  • Guidance in selecting the most suitable equipment tailored to your company's specific needs.
  • Access to consumables for our machines, ensuring seamless operation.
  • Comprehensive warranty and post-warranty services by our technicians.

Michał Obrzut
Company owner

"The mission of the Otinus team is to offer your company 'peace of mind'. We believe that business security and a sense of tranquility are paramount to simplifying your daily operations with our equipment. Through the provision of the right machinery, expert technicians, and consistent communication with our team, we aim to facilitate the achievement of your immediate objectives and support your long-term vision for company growth."

This message reflects the motto of the Otinus brand owner:

"There is neither coincidence nor luck - what remains is vision and work."

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Professionalism and after-sales service are what makes us special. Experience the satisfaction of working with  Otinus team!

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Our Clients confirm that our team consists of qualified technicians and advisors. Therefore, the Otinus team will advise you on choosing suitable machines.

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Peace of mind

You can always rely on us! We assist you in selecting the required tools and implementing the device. In addition, we guarantee satisfaction through technical support, warranty and post-warranty servicing.

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Quick return

Our machines are characterized by an excellent price/quality ratio. This way, we assist you in making progress, that translates into a quick return and multiplication of the invested resources. We have the satisfaction of being able to contribute to the development of your business!

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Comprehensive Assessment of your needs & expectations

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1. Personal Consultation with Your Account Manager

Our Technical Sales Representatives will reach out to schedule an interview with you. During this consultation, we'll work together to identify your company's specific requirements, ensuring the selection of a machine that aligns perfectly with your expectations.

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2. Thorough Needs Assessment: Analyzing Every Detail

We meticulously analyze your requirements, considering material types and thicknesses for precise machine customization. Our goal is to recommend the optimal machine, balancing capability and price for your specific needs.

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3. Validation Through Showroom Testing

We verify the suitability of the chosen machine by conducting tests on selected materials in our showroom. This process ensures the precision and effectiveness of our selection.

Optimize Your Company's Efficiency and Savings

Experience the Advantage of Cost Reduction

Partnering with us unlocks a realm of worry-free operations. Entrust us with your operational integrity needs while ensuring your employees receive top-notch training. Moreover, our cutting-edge machines offer unparalleled value, boasting an exceptional price-to-quality ratio.

Achieve Rapid Returns and Maximize Resources

With our support, your business can make significant strides towards efficiency and profitability. We specialize in optimizing your investments, ensuring you get the most out of every resource. Witness the rapid returns and sustainable growth that come from our strategic partnership.

Our Commitment to Your Success

At our core, we thrive on nurturing the growth of your business. Your satisfaction is our ultimate reward as we work tirelessly to enhance your company's performance and prosperity.

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Excellent service and superb Team. High-quality equipment. A company worth recommending. Thanks

Damian Sawicki

Very reliable and timely company. Technical advice at the highest level. Not a simple "seller" of machines. They have many machines in their showroom that you can see working which is a big plus and advantage over the competition.

Dariusz Tymoszuk

1. Independence, competitiveness
2. Time and material saving, cost reduction
3. We are continuously developing our business, as we have added a second business profile
4. I would rate the quality of customer service on a scale of 1–5 as 5.

Marek Zdunek

I would recommend purchasing OTINUS machines because we have gained a notably extended base of customers who expect comprehensive services. The contact with the seller and the technician before and after purchasing was of the highest standard. I recommend you purchase their devices.

Damian Godek

International brand: USA and 18 European countries!

Our machines are already making waves across Europe! From bustling cities to tranquil countryside, the Otinus brand has established its presence in seventeen European countries and continues to expand its reach. Customer satisfaction isn't just a goal; it's our guiding principle. Whether in the heart of Paris or nestled in the Swiss Alps, our dedication to exceeding expectations remains unwavering.

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