Estun E21 is an easy-to-use controller manufactured by Estun Automation. The device operates with numerical press brakes. Although its capabilities are inferior to advanced CNC controllers, it is sufficient to produce repeatable and not complicated components.

What is Estun E21 controller

This controller belongs to the group of so-called numerical controllers. In other words, it transfers all the setting options from classic “manual” press brakes to a digital device. In contrast to CNC controllers, it does not perform calculations for the user; however, it contains several improvements, such as saving programs.

Use of the Estun E21 press brake

There is no versatile solution for each individual, though the first question you should ask yourself before purchasing an NC-controlled press brake is: What components are we going to make, the batches, and how complex will they be?

Thanks to the components applied to them, various models of press brakes allow obtaining different work efficiency. Press brakes, including Estun E21 controller, are intended mainly for making simple and repetitive elements. The perfect fit for companies with a well-defined and reasonably stable production process.

Production improvement

If your company continually uses subcontractors’ services, it is certainly worth thinking about buying a press brake. In addition to saving money due to the lower producing cost, you also save time to transport the goods. Moreover, you can be sure that the device makes all components according to the same parameters as the Estun E21 controller includes saving up to 40 programs, 25 steps each.

Operation of Estun E21 controller

The device is effortless to use, but additionally, it includes a user-friendly and logical menu and 24 setting buttons. Therefore, most users perform the first bending after the first hour of our training on using the machine. Furthermore, the device offers three modes of operation: manual, single automatic and serial.

Affordable price

A very affordable price follows a user-friendly controller. Additionally, Press brake versions, including this controller are among the lowest-priced in the offer. The purchase of this device pays for itself in a short time. The machine that did that the quickest time is the 125×3200 press brake with the Estun E21 controller, which paid for itself three months after the purchase.

To conclude

The Estun E21 controlled press brake is an efficient and easy-to-use solution that will suit the repeatable production process.

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