Is outsourced sheet metal cutting and bending suitable for your company?

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We present a video on the problems of cutting and bending in external companies

This video step-by-step describes what threats to the growth of your business result from outsourced sheet metal cutting and bending.

Watch the video and see for yourself!

Do you wonder how to deal with it?

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Otinus brand plasma cutter and guillotine. Small Otinus logo in the corner.

The answer is Otinus!

Working with us, you can focus on your work. We will provide you and your employees with appropriate training. Moreover, our machines are characterized by an excellent price/quality ratio, and eventually, training and price will translate into a quick payback and multiplication of the invested resources. We have found great satisfaction in contributing to the development of so many companies!

Otinus brand plasma cutter and guillotine. Small Otinus logo in the corner.

See how we operate

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Thorough analysis of needs

We will analyze all the details provided. Based on the data we receive, we will select machines that suit your needs. Moreover, we will select machines with the best price–performance ratio.

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Graphic presenting after-sales servicing for the machines.

After purchasing machines

Once the machines have been delivered to your company, an Otinus technician will visit you to commission them on-site. He will then conduct the training so that the machines start making profit immediately!

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Access to The Otinus Academy

By purchasing selected Otinus machines, you receive access to our online course platform that will help you refresh your knowledge or introduce a new employee with no effort. In addition, you can use the courses any time and thus, act independently!

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What do you need?

Choose the most suitable Otinus machines and  make the dream of your independence come true!

Check interviews with our Clients

Professionalism and after-sales service are what make us unique. Experience the satisfaction  working with the Otinus team!

breaking shackles

With Otinus you are fulfilling the dream of your own independence

Together with us, implementing machines into your business will be simple. We will train your staff, so there is a smooth transition from outsourcing to your own independence. We have already assisted many Clients in this way!

Have a look at the opinions on our company

Excellent service and superb Team. High-quality equipment. A company worth recommending. Thanks

Damian Sawicki

Very reliable and timely company. Technical advice at the highest level. Not a simple "seller" of machines. They have many machines in their showroom that you can see working which is a big plus and advantage over the competition.

Dariusz Tymoszuk

1. Independence, competitiveness
2. Time and material saving, cost reduction
3. We are continuously developing our business, as we have added a second business profile
4. I would rate the quality of customer service on a scale of 1–5 as 5.

Marek Zdunek

I would recommend purchasing OTINUS machines because we have gained a notably extended base of customers who expect comprehensive services. The contact with the seller and the technician before and after purchasing was of the highest standard. I recommend you purchase their devices.

Damian Godek

We kindly invite you to our showroom

Experience firsthand the capabilities of our sheet metal working machines at our showroom. Come see how they can elevate your company's performance.

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We serve you is a motto that guides us at every stage of cooperation with our Customers.

Our Customer can be sure that from the beginning of cooperation until the period of after-sales service we are always ready to help him or her with advice, help and knowledge!

Only your imagination and your needs will limit your actions, beacuse we will take care of the rest; we will organize a demonstration, clear up any doubts, solve any problem and be there for you with our well-functioning service department.

Mant machines sold, satisfied Customers and swift action are our hallmarks. We also have machines available immediately.

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