When we observe older people who grew up in a time without highly developed technology, by giving them a mobile phone (not necessarily a smartphone) for the first time – what reaction do we may see? Embarrassment, stress, reluctance, incomprehension.

Unfortunately, fear of new technology does not only affect older people. When can it happen to any of us? When we have not used devices that are similar to the ones we are supposed to handle at the moment.

Is willpower and pressure enough to overcome the “technological barrier”? Definitely not… For these are not manual jobs, like painting a wall or sewing on a jacket button. Thereby, if we have not done anything related to technology before, it will be difficult to move onward.

When can fear of new technology be overcome?

The antidote is quite simple. Someone has to teach it to us. Preferably “step by step” so that the learning is suited to our “assimilation” of the material.

Plasma cutting machine operation and customer concerns.

As a company, we meet many customers who are afraid of working with a CNC cutting machines. This is a common occurrence. It results from that the vast majority of our customers have not previously owned any computer-controlled machine.

The most common customer concerns regarding the CNC machine operation are:

  • Will I be able to make a drawing on the computer that is essential to cut out a particular piece?
  • Is consumable replacing intuitive?
  • Is the program menu of a CNC cutter in my language?
  • Will I be able to copy the same workpiece on the whole sheet metal area using the program?

The answer to all of the above questions is “YES”. As an experienced seller of plasma cutting machines, we have a very clear objective: “We provide our customer with comprehensive knowledge about the operation of the machine so that they can start working independently on the same day (on which the training takes place)”.

Why is it that even an inexperienced customer can start operating a CNC cutting machine quickly?

1. Intuitive software. We rely on software that is, on the one hand, fully functional and, on the other hand, simple and user-friendly in everyday use. Thus, this well-designed foundation makes training in the operation of a CNC plasma cutting machine go very smoothly. Importantly, the software will never lose its licence, meaning you do not have to spend money in the future on upgrading it.

2. Clear user manual. The engineers have taken the time to put on paper what they learned in training. With detailed descriptions and drawings, the manual shows you step by step how to use all the programs you need to operate the machine – from drawing the workpiece outline to cutting it out.

3. The plasma cutting machine programs are available on your computer. When you buy a plasma cutter from us, you receive the programs that are used to operate it for free. Hence, you do not have to practice using them standing by the machine – you can do the same at home. Furthermore, you can also make drawings of the parts to be cut.

4. Machine training for your company. The training is carried out by one of our experienced instructors. He or she explains step-by-step how to operate the plasma cutting machine, adapting to the trainees’ pace (you can train yourself as well as delegated employees). During the training, the trainees approach the machine and implement the instructor’s instructions themselves.

5. Telephone call to the instructor. There are situations when clients do not know how to do a particular drawing or have forgotten about some aspect. We are also prepared for such situations. The instructor who conducted the training always leaves his phone number. All the customer has to do is call him or her to get the information thay need: about the operation of the machine, the drawings, or technical questions about the plasma cutting machine they bought. The instructor’s telephone assistance is offered:

on working days: Monday to Friday,

between: 7.30-15.30,


free of charge for our customers

6. Phone to your Otinus dealer. We are in constant contact with our customers. If you have any problems or questions, we will be happy to help you. In the event that an instructor is on holiday or falls ill, by calling us you will be provided with telephone support of other available instructor. In addition, we offer our customers discounts on the purchase of consumables.

Is operating of a plasma cutting machine difficult?

It greatly depends on the design of the machine, the plasma source used, the software used and what the dealer offers in the way of “familiarisation with the machine”.

We sell CNC plasma cutting machines from 2017, and we have not met a single customer who would find it difficult to operate a plasma cutting machine. We can confidently guarantee that the CNC plasma cutting machines we offer are for everyone.