Hypertherm Powermax plasma cutting devices are not only of high quality, but they also have a wide range of applications. The various available torches and consumables make it possible to adapt these versatile machines to many processes.

Choosing the right equipment is essential for our work efficiency. The selection of the right gases is of great importance in plasma cutting and gouging processes.

In this article we will discuss the various applications of Powermax plasma systems from the leading manufacturer, Hypertherm.

Drag cutting

Thanks to a special cover (shield), it is possible to cut the material by dragging the torch directly over the workpiece. All Powermax cutters allow drug cutting by pulling the torch.

Precision cutting

FineCut® consumables from Hypertherm have been developed for high precision plasma cutting. The perfect solution for cutting complex, complex shapes. FineCut® consumables are available for manual and mechanised plasma torches.

Fine-feature cutting

Cutting off protruding parts can be awkward. Cutting close to the base involves the risk of damaging the base material. The unique FlushCut® consumables come in handy. They allow cutting as close to the base as possible without the risk of puncturing the base material. The materials in this series are available for manual and mechanised applications.

Mechanised cutting

CNC Plasma plotters provide an outstanding process efficiency while being highly intuitive to use. Most Powermax plasma systems (except from 30 XP and 30 AIR) contain CPC port for connection to the plotter. A range of torches and consumables adapted to mechanised cutting are also available.

Extended reach cutting and gouging

Hypertherm HyAccess™ consumables are characterized by a slim, extra-long design that provides a range of approx. 76 mm more, while minimally limiting visibility. As a result, they enable precise enxtended reach cutting and gouging. HyAccess™ materials are designed for manual use.

Max control gouging

The use of special gouge covers from the Max Control series enables precise material removal. The perfect solution for shallow gouging and cleaning. MaxControl covers are suitable for manual and mechanised torches.

Max removal gouging

Max Removal gouging covers are designed for intensive removal of large quantities of material. The solution solves the issue of deep gouging and intensive cleaning in both manual and mechanised applications.

Precision gouging

The precision gouging is one of two unique Powermax 45 XP applications. The use of a nozzle and a precision gouging cover allows the removal of small quantities of material in manual applications requiring high precision (e.g. removal of point welds).


Marking is the second unique application of the 45 XP. The combination of a precision gouge nozzle and a marking shield allows manual or mechanized marking, such as identification numbers. The adjustment of the parameters allows both light score (easy to remove or paint coating) and heavy score (if the marking is to be visible on the final product e.g. after painting).

Powermax 30 AIR

The 30 AIR model allows pulled cutting with a hand torch only. However, this system is worth mentioning because of its unique feature: a built-in compressor. No need to connect to an external compressor or other gas source provides this compact system with unmatched mobility.

CopperPlus electrode

When cutting materials up to 12.5 mm thick, it is worth thinking about using the CopperPlus electrode. This unique electrode is twice as durable as standard electrons. This extended service life means less frequent downtime due to the need for replacement.

Hypertherm Powermax application table

In the table below, you will find an overview of Hyperterm Powermax plasma cutters and possible applications to which they can be adapted. We invite you to contact us in case of any doubts. We will be happy to help you choose a suitable cutting machine, torch and consumables.

To summarise

As you can see, the range of possibilities offered by the Powermax is really impressive. Specialised consumables give you access to many options, but please do not forget that these are consumable parts. A frequent replacement of materials is essential for optimum performance and high quality cutting and gouging.

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