As for Hypertherm, the very phrase “less is more” reflects not only in developments within the organisation and beyond but also in our environment.

If we were to look at corporations whose actions do not go within the environment safety, we would find many well-known brands. Therefore, we support attitudes such as those of Hypertherm!

Hypertherm accountability

Hypertherm designs and manufactures industrial cutting systems for various industries such as shipbuilding, manufacturing, and automotive repair services.

The product range includes cutting systems, CNC, motion and height controllers, CAM layout software, software for robotic systems and consumables. It may be worth asking whether can a company with this level of activity do something for the environment or not? It turns out, yes!

Hypertherm systems are renowned for their performance and reliability, resulting in increased productivity and profitability for hundreds of thousands of businesses.

Therefore, the company is aware of its corporate social responsibility. 98.2% of the waste Hypertherm generates does not go to the landfill, which appears the best result since 2010. Furthermore, they have reduced water consumption by improving their engineering operations efficiency.

As a result, 99.5% of system components are recyclable and accordingly, the product itself is transported in 100% recyclable packaging.

The environment supported by companies

The attitude of companies that optimise their services in an environmentally friendly way is essential today.

Meanwhile, in its annual published report on corporate social responsibility, the so-called CSR, Hypertherm has published the record results, best since 50 years of their existence.

Their CSR consists of factors such as involvement in local communities, concern for the environment and attention to all employees’ health. Furthermore, from 2017 the company grants an additional leave that every employee-shareholder can use for voluntary activities.

Besides external activity, the company has also started with respective internal actions. It is worth mentioning that the average accident rate in this industry is 4.1%, and, ipso facto, two years ago, Hypertherm had an annual worker injury rate of 1.9%.

We follow the leading examples

How does the Otinus brand approach such arrangements? Despite having fewer resources, we have started to follow the best examples. Thereby, we have increased our involvement in local initiatives. Among other things, we participated in the action “cleaning up the forest” to help collect trash in the Bydgoszcz Forest.

Thus, thanks to such efforts, we have a chance to help the environment. Hence, we will certainly not stop at one action for there are still many areas to support.