What Is Plasma?

Plasma is the fourth state of matter. It has incredible potential, which has also been utilised by our Otinus brand.

Is It Difficult To Operate Plasma Cutting Machine?

When we observe older people who grew up in a time without highly developed technology, by giving them a mobile phone (not necessarily a smartphone) for the first time – what reaction do we may see? Embarrassment, stress, reluctance, incomprehension.

Unfortunately, fear of new technology does not only affect older people. When can it happen to any of us? When we have not used devices that are similar to the ones we are supposed to handle at the moment.

Plasma cutting vs gas cutting. Which one to choose?

Gas cutting is a widespread thermal method in metalworking. However, plasma cutting is relatively new and much more modern technology that is slowly taking over the market.

Is plasma the solution to all entrepreneurs’ problems?

What Is Plasma Gouging?

As with plasma cutting, you can gouge any electrically conductive metal. The process can be carried out manually (by the operator) or, for optimal results and speed, using a CNC table.