Plasma cutting machine or Laser cutting machine?

Plasma cutting machine or laser cutting machine? The machine you should decide on depends primarly on the projects you want to perform. Both machines do well with different types of materials. The profitability of investing in either machine will therefore depend on your needs.

Gooseneck punches – when do we use them?

Gooseneck punches are used when bending C and U-shaped parts. In the other part of the article, we will take a closer look at these tools and discuss in which situations they are helpful.

Estun E21 – NC press brake controller

In today’s article, I will discuss our minimum advanced press brake controller, the Estun E21. I will describe its main functions and a compare it with a more advanced controller. I invite you to read on.

Properties of steel alloys

Steel alloys are the most common material among the metals processed in the manufacturing industry. According to Polish Norms, the first component should constitute the vast majority of the alloy, and the second no more than 2.11%. If the carbon content is higher, we are already talking about cast iron. In addition, there are other metals, elements and non-metallic inclusions in the composition of steel alloys that influence the heat treatment process to obtain the desired structure and mechanical properties. You will find out more information later in this article.

OT-41 – Otinus Controller

Otinus OT-41 is the most frequently chosen controller. In this article we will discuss its features, operation, and how to use it. Perhaps you have decided that a press brake with this controller is an option that best suits you. If you want to refresh your knowledge, this article should get your attention. As a reminder – OT-41 allows for controlling Otinus CNC press brakes. It ensures user-friendly management of the bending process by creating and saving programmes, independent control of pistons or the height control of the backgauge. The functions described allow for implementing complex projects.