Plasma cutting machine or Laser cutting machine?

Plasma cutting machine or laser cutting machine? The machine you should decide on depends primarly on the projects you want to perform. Both machines do well with different types of materials. The profitability of investing in either machine will therefore depend on your needs.

Why Is It Worth To Buy From Hypertherm Authorised Dealer?

Why buy Hypertherm products from an authorised dealer? In this article, we will discuss the advantages of using a verified plasma technology source, such as an authorised brand dealer.

Hypertherm Plasma Torches – Structure and Use

A wide range of plasma torches is available on the market. The general principle of their functioning is the same, though they differ in parameters and, most importantly, in their application.

Hypertherm Plasma Cutters – Application

Hypertherm Powermax plasma cutting devices are not only of high quality, but they also have a wide range of applications. The various available torches and consumables make it possible to adapt these versatile machines to many processes.